Opening A New Nightclub? 2 Tips For Choosing The Speakers And Sub Woofers For The Sound System


If you are opening a new nightclub you need to ensure you have a good sound system. This will allow everyone to hear music that is playing so they can dance. This will keep your customers coming back to your nightclub. To help you get started, below are two tips on choosing the speakers and sub woofers for the sound system.


You will have a variety of speakers to choose from for your nightclub. These speakers also come in different sizes. Speakers are one of the most important part of a sound system because this is what delivers sound to your customers. Consider the number of speakers, which will depend on the size of your nightclub.

When looking at speakers determine what the sound level is at the distance the speaker is placed. The higher the sound level the louder the speaker. Because of this you would not want a high sound level for speakers that are placed close to your customers.

Dispersion is something else to consider. The dispersion determines how the sound projects from the speakers either vertically or horizontally. What the dispersion is will determine where you place the speakers in your night club. This is because you can direct sound to the main area instead of having a lot of sound in areas like the bathroom and other places.

Sub Woofers

Along with speakers you will need to add sub woofers to your sound system. The sub woofer is what provides the bass sounds from the songs you are playing. Without it, the bass would not be heard well, which means the song would not sound good to your customers. In most cases each speaker you set up will include a sub woofer.

First, determine what the acoustics is of the nightclub. Acoustics means how the sound is projected inside your building. If you do not know this information hire a professional sound engineer to come to your nightclub to determine this. This is very important as the acoustics will determine the type of sub woofers you purchase. For example, if you choose sub woofers that are too high the bass in the songs will be much higher than it should be.

Contact a nightclub sound system service. They can come to your club to help you determine the best setup for a sound system. The sound system company will first need to know your budget as sound systems can get very expensive. Once you tell them how much you can spend they will try their best to stay within your range


18 August 2018

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