A Helpful Guide For Piping Contractors When Buying Sewer Cameras


If you're a contractor and work with pipes on a regular basis, one of the most important devices you'll need is a sewer camera. It lets you view a pipe's inner workings with relative ease. If you're in the market for this tool, keep this guide in mind. 


How easy your sewer camera is to use depends largely on its design. Today, you have several to select from. Some of the most popular include hand-held, compact, and standard sewer cameras. Standard models are pretty basic, but since they have less parts, they are easier to maintain. You can also purchase a wide variety of attachments for them.

If you're working on smaller jobs, hand-held cameras may be a better fit. Since these models are operable by hand, they have short cables and can't reach as far as some of the other models. Finally, compact sewer cameras are extremely lightweight and easy to take on the go. They are also fairly durable. 


So that you're happy with your sewer camera for a long time, it's a good idea to assess the various features. Start with camera size. Since you'll be placing these cameras in pipes -- which are often narrow -- you'll need a sewer camera with small dimensions.

You'll also probably be working in dark spaces, which requires a sewer camera with LED lights. These lights are long-lasting and bring clarity inside the pipes you're trying to inspect. If you plan on using these cameras for hours on each job, it's important that the grip is comfortable. Test this feature out in person to make sure it works based on your particular preferences. 


To make the most out of these sewer cameras on various jobs for clients, you need to consider your add-on options. There are a lot to choose from, especially if you opt to use a standard sewer camera. 

Monitors, in particular, are helpful to use in conjunction with your sewer camera because they let you see a larger picture than what you'd see with the camera's screen. A laptop interface is also useful in that it lets you control the sewer camera via your laptop. You can thus view, save, and later access real-time pictures quickly.

There are so many different types of sewer cameras that you can purchase on the market today. To choose one that lasts and works as you need it to, consider the different models, specs, and features.


24 February 2018

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