Home Theater Must-Haves: Recreate The Movie Theater Experience In Your Home


If you love watching movies at home with the family, you may be interested in setting up a home theater system. The home theater system is ideal if you'd like to enhance your watching experience and make it feel like you're at the movie theater when you're really in the comfort of your home. If you'd prefer to bring the movies to your home, there are some great must-have items you should get.

Home Theater System Equipment

Start by selecting your home theater system. There are plenty of systems available. Wireless options are ideal because then you won't be stuck dealing with wires hanging around the home as you're trying to set things up. There are certain components your system should come with, including a Bluetooth speaker system, surround sound speakers, and a soundbar. Most home theater system sets come with this equipment, but the cost of the different systems will vary tremendously. Read reviews and select a highly-rated option that falls within your price range.

Lights For the Baseboards

Give any room in the home a full movie theater look and feel by installing lights on the baseboards. When you shut the lights off in the room, you'd still be able to see your way around because of the baseboard lights, similar to the way a movie theater looks when the movie is about to start. If you're looking for an easier alternative, you may want to purchase LED light strips and use them instead.

Projector With Screen

Don't forget your projector and projector screen. Consider choosing a projector that produces 1080p HD quality images to enhance the viewing experience. Once you've selected the projector you'd like to use, shop around for the perfect screen. Retractable projector screens are a great choice because you can close them when you're done using them to keep them protected while preventing damage from occurring.

Cuddle Chairs

Make sure you have something comfortable to sit on while watching movies in your home. Cuddle chairs are perfect for home theater environments because they're soft, cozy, and spacious, which means you can share your seat with your significant other, children, or even your best friend. If you don't want to spend too much on cuddle chairs, you can always purchase beanbag chairs, air mattresses, and sleeping bags to sit down or rest comfortably while watching movies.

Give yourself the full movie theater experience at home by purchasing all the supplies you'll need. Start by searching for the right home theater system and then consider getting lights for the baseboards, a projector with a projector screen, and some comfortable chairs to sit on. Why go out to the movie theater when you can recreate the experience at home?

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5 February 2018

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